Snot (itto) wrote in dallas_crunks,

shows shows shows

not an exceptional quantity of shows this month, but the quality can't be beat

Tuesday, Nov 7th @ Lakewood Theater - SOCIAL DISTORTION and who cares what other bands play!
doors @ 6:30pm, $27 cover.

Saturday, Nov 11 @ Trinity Park in Ft Worth - Local Punk Compilation fundraiser with unit 21, 9 lives, the delcos, dysentrix, responsible johnny, G.S.C., dead animal farm, resigned to fate, the reps, scared to be fearless, just another consumer, rebel scum
noon -10pm, $5 cover, ALL AGES, BYOB

saturday nov 18th @ gypsy tea room - the melvins
doors @ 9pm, $15 cover

sunday, nov 19th @ gypsy tea room - exene cervenca & the original sinners
doors @ 8pm, $10 cover

wednesday, nove 22nd @ red blood club - dog co. (a good local band, and nice guys, too)
doors and cover probably 8pm, $10

saturday, nov 25th @ gypsy tea room - GWAR
doors @ 7pm, $17 cover

thursday, nov 30th @ gypsy tea room - CIRCLE JERKS, lower class brats
doors @ 8pm, $20 cover.
do NOT miss this show. how often do the circle jerks come to town?

also of note are a few shows in Decembre:
friday, Dec 1st @ gypsy tea room - the bouncing souls, left alone, street dogs, whole wheat bread
doors @ 7pm, $14 cover.
this will be good. bouncing souls usually only rolls through on a warped tour, and who can fully appreciate them then? i've never seen left alone, i don't know if they've ever been to dallas. street dogs are fucking fantastic. they opened for rancid, and did a cover of black flag's 'rise above'. whole wheat bread is some sorta ska band that drinks beer outta their trailer after shows. can't go wrong with that.

thurday, dec 21st @ Fat Daddy's Sound Shack - OI TO THE WORLD: time again, against all authority, voodoo glow skulls.
don't know doors or cover yet. fat daddy's is a No Alcohol, No Smoking place, but they're doin a poll on their site to see if there's enough interest for them to open a bar, so go VOTE!
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